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Greenville Area Tree Hazard Assessment

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    5 Oaks Tree Care is dedicated to helping property owners identify and remove tree hazards. We believe that dead trees, weak branches, and stumps can pose a serious threat to people and property, and we are committed to helping our customers create a safe environment.

    Our tree hazard assessment services are designed to identify potential hazards on your property and provide recommendations for removal. With our years of experience and certified arborists on staff, we have the knowledge and expertise to safely and efficiently remove tree hazards.

    Greenville Area Tree Hazard Assessment

    We start by inspecting your home for potential hazards, ensuring different trees pose no danger. Our specialists will look over every area of your property for trees with dead, weak branches or stumps looking for a way to improve them. This will assist us in determining the next course of action and ensure your safety.

    Our experts are committed to providing you with advice and helping you make the best decision possible. If we determine that a tree poses a serious threat to you and those around you, we can provide you with the ideal solution, which generally involves removing the tree.

    Potential Tree Hazards Include:

    Common Hazard Assessment Questions

    When evaluating the hazard of a tree, several things are taken into account.

    They are as follows:

    Trees history

    Trees vigor

    Species profile

    Crown density

    Potential targets

    Likelihood of failure

    Consequences of failure

    Mitigation options

    As trees grow older, they require more hazard evaluations. Trees get larger as they age; become less flexible; and are frequently subject to disease and infestations. Soil erosion can become a major problem for a tree’s stability if it’s not addressed. This erosion may cause the root plate to lift in the event of a light wind, causing an emergency and the collapse of otherwise healthy trees. Without assessments, your trees may sustain irreversible damage from diseases, infestations, girdling, compacted soil, and other factors (found during an inspection) that weaken them. All it takes is one strong wind to bring down a weakened tree and result in significant destruction.

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